Let’s Talk Politics

So, Donald Trump is president, Britain left the EU and South Korea impeached their president. From the look of things, politics in many countries is at an all-time low but to be quite truthful for the place I call home, it’s been the order of the day for about 15 years now. Many of my […]

About Last Night

I broke up with Failure last night He was devastated I was relieved He asked me how long I had known I said over a month now He asked what was it in the way he made me feel that made me think I could not bear to live with him I said “you choke […]

An Ode to Self

You slept yesterday curious about the American results. I slept yesterday shaken by the country I am forced to call home for the next four years. You woke up today to news of a Trump win and for many of you what followed was numerous memes of what that meant. I  woke up to frightened […]

Finding Mecca

  I am currently reading Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. It is a book in the form of a letter to Coates’ son talking about the experiences of being black and a man in America. I would recommend each of you to read it, but lemme not turn this into a book […]

For the Third

I’m walking home from a late meeting I get to a dark alley I remember Adelle Onyango’s story and all bad things that happen in the dark I hear brisk footsteps behind me I want to look back I am afraid I will find what I am looking for I walk faster ‘God! Let it […]

Hello…It’s me…

Hi YAWA people! Who am I: A woman, a black strong woman.  A lover of women and Africa. A wanderer trying to fit into the plurality of what is the world. Ok, but what is your name: I go by Valery, sometimes I call myself Atieno Otieno but that is mostly when I am asserting my […]

Dear Ms Lady!

Note: Here is a different opinion from a guy who considers himself a feminist. He is one of the coolest guys I know who since I met him has never backed out of identifying himself as a supporter of equal rights no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Thank you Tino for your support and […]

#Take 2 This is awkward to write. I am twenty years old, why should I be writing this? But then again, I am twenty years old, why shouldn’t I be writing this? This girl is a bundle of tense nerves and anxieties. If I could somehow take a road that will meet up with yours […]

#Take 1 There have been two before you and that means many things. One of the things this means is that you will be loving on a woman whose heart has grown to bursting levels with love, liking, lust, respect, trust and admiration. You will also be loving on a woman who has felt loved, […]

Beauty and the Rest Let’s do something revolutionary. Let’s give beauty the middle finger! So I told my ‘kid’ she was beautiful. And now I’m telling her big deal! And somehow it all makes sense in my head. I think the importance you place on something gives it priority in your life. I find the […]