Hello…It’s me…

Hi YAWA people!

Who am I: A woman, a black strong woman.  A lover of women and Africa. A wanderer trying to fit into the plurality of what is the world.

Ok, but what is your name: I go by Valery, sometimes I call myself Atieno Otieno but that is mostly when I am asserting my Afro-centrism. And oh yeah, if we are homies (that means all of y’all) you can call me Val.

Currently doing: Well I am a Freshman in this small college in some random city in the middle of a desert otherwise known as Southern California. Photos of landscape coming soon, I promise!

Studying: Hmmmm. Good question. I took a year off thinking I would figure it out and here I am still undecided. Makes me wonder why I am trying to help other women figure out their best paths but anyway, we all have something to offer, right? So as of right now I am thinking of eventually double majoring in something to do with Economics, Politics, Public Policy Analysis and Gender and Women Studies. Ask me next year, I will probably have an answer. (I hope J)

Favorite color: Yellow! No wonder my obsession with Craving Yellow !

Aspirations: So what do I want to do with my life? I guess the question what do you want to be when you grow up no longer applies to me since I will soon be hitting the big 21 but anyways I am honestly still exploring limitless possibilities.  A life in management consulting, international economics or relations or public office can be a plan. Or maybe I should just start working out and become an Instagram health expert? Sounds like a plan. Eey?

Favorite day: Self-love Fridays. Honestly, they have not yet started being lived but you just wait. Movies, hairs and books. And a nice long shower at the end. But first, need to find a way of managing my time. But I insist, have a sacred day for you! After a long week of grinding, you deserve it!

Why YAWA: An excuse to meet incredible young Kenyan women with limitless abilities and a passion to contribute positively to society. We may be strong but sometimes we need a safe space to just breathe, laugh and learn about how to armor our bodies against all kinds of hardships society brings our way. So next time you see a YAWA event, don’t ignore it.

Plans for YAWA: So much coming your way though this long distance-time zone thing is not easy. And if you want to join in, maybe to write, partner up in organizing events or just chill all you have to do is holla! I may look like a snob, but I promise, I’m not.  So yea! Events, programs on career development, sexual violence, opportunities abroad, self-love etc. coming your way.

Conclusion: As you can see I am a pretty casual girl just trying to make it easier for other girls. With me, it is never a question of no but instead yes-and ! I have all the belief in young women and the fact that you are reading this random post means you do too. Let us engage in meaningful conversations and if you are ever bored and need someone to talk to, I am here. Can’t wait for all the meaningful conversations we will have and oh, the things we will do!

Watch this space!


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