For the Third

I’m walking home from a late meeting

I get to a dark alley

I remember Adelle Onyango’s story and all bad things that happen in the dark

I hear brisk footsteps behind me

I want to look back

I am afraid I will find what I am looking for

I walk faster

‘God! Let it be a woman!’

The urge to look behind remains

I walk faster

We come to a curve

The dark shadow emerges

Alas! It is a woman

I have never been more relieved

She too had felt my panic

She too has felt the panic

We have a connection

Because we know we are never safe enough

Because we feel lucky to have arrived home safely

Because we are women

And we know what that means in this society

She exits at the next turn

I walk a few more steps

I open the gate in relief

But still there is a sadness in my heart

Because for each of our stories, there is still a third story, her story

That won’t end so pleasantly tonight

And to live in a world like that

Is not to live at all

And then you ask me why I am a feminist

Ps: Often women are shamed for being violated. Many lack a safe space because it always seems like our fault, whether it is what were you doing walking alone at night, what were you wearing, why didn’t you take a taxi? It is not okay that 1 in 3 women are violated in their lifetime. Let us bring awareness to this and in any way we can, let us become active bystanders. It doesn’t have to happen to you for you to care. One act of sexual assault is too many already!

Add your voice to this much needed conversation.




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