Let’s Talk Politics

So, Donald Trump is president, Britain left the EU and South Korea impeached their president. From the look of things, politics in many countries is at an all-time low but to be quite truthful for the place I call home, it’s been the order of the day for about 15 years now.

Many of my age-mates love my country, but don’t blame us if we feel like it doesn’t love us back. If it did, it would not continuously recycle a crop of politicians that have done nothing but run us into dysfunction. A crop of elites that benefit from the poverty, whose success is inversely related to our failures. If our country loved us, it would not threaten to jail doctors for fighting for everyone’s right to a fighting chance. If it did, it would not divide on this thing called “tribe”, a social construct created by the colonizer, reinforced by the black man. If it did, it would not have a parliament that runs illegally 6 months later after failing to put into its law the structure of attaining gender equity.

Then again, maybe I am just a millennial who is too sensitive to the way things run here. Maybe I don’t know what I am too young to know.

But, let’s just suppose I am right for one second. Then what?

Every 5 years we the people, to whom power is sovereign are given the chance to make our voice heard and each time in my conscious history we make a choice that we end up regretting. We recycle leaders that give us the same promises only to fail to deliver. We elect a bourgeoisie that robs us of our dignity as a nation and instead spends their time hurling insults, stealing money, and creating conspiracy theories left, right and center to distracts us as they keep plundering our nation. Do not be mistaken. The opposition is not the answer. It does not work as a better alternative but rather as a substitute. Trained by the same coach, wearing the same uniform and with a similar set of (sk)ills as the ruling party.

All, is however not lost. Our country has hope.

In every century, it is up to the new generation to charter another path towards freedom. We, my friend, are in what I call the third liberation. There was the struggle for independence, then multipartyism and now it is time to fight for economic and social transformation. We are not blind. We are tired and it is high time we all stand up against this ruling class. This third liberation will not be fought in the forests of Mt. Kenya or locked in Nyayo House (maybe cells as they have threatened our doctors). Instead, the third liberation will be fought by collectivism, dissent and active participation of the citizenry. It will demand of us to challenge the notion of regionalism and instead come together as a nation. It will require the best of us to stand up to serve and the rest of us to support. It will require the mobilization of resources and the sharing of ideas.

Do not be cheated, this is war. War against impunity, corruption, the abuse of human rights and a failing leadership. 2017 we fight through the ballot and afterwards we fight through a collaboration of networks in matters of law, human rights, ethics, art, and activism. What land do you want to leave for the future generation? I’ll be damned if I let this system of thuggery win.

So, what do we do for now? We clap back. We find leaders we believe to reflect our ideals and we do all we can to make sure they get elected. We fight this system both within and outside.

If you are interested, comment, inbox. If you agree, share. If you disagree, critique. Either way, engage because the time for passivity is behind us. To be apolitical is a privilege none of us can afford.


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