Let’s Talk Politics

So, Donald Trump is president, Britain left the EU and South Korea impeached their president. From the look of things, politics in many countries is at an all-time low but to be quite truthful for the place I call home, it’s been the order of the day for about 15 years now. Many of my […]

An Ode to Self

You slept yesterday curious about the American results. I slept yesterday shaken by the country I am forced to call home for the next four years. You woke up today to news of a Trump win and for many of you what followed was numerous memes of what that meant. I  woke up to frightened […]

For the Third

I’m walking home from a late meeting I get to a dark alley I remember Adelle Onyango’s story and all bad things that happen in the dark I hear brisk footsteps behind me I want to look back I am afraid I will find what I am looking for I walk faster ‘God! Let it […]