#Take 2 This is awkward to write. I am twenty years old, why should I be writing this? But then again, I am twenty years old, why shouldn’t I be writing this? This girl is a bundle of tense nerves and anxieties. If I could somehow take a road that will meet up with yours […]

#Take 1 There have been two before you and that means many things. One of the things this means is that you will be loving on a woman whose heart has grown to bursting levels with love, liking, lust, respect, trust and admiration. You will also be loving on a woman who has felt loved, […]

Beauty and the Rest Let’s do something revolutionary. Let’s give beauty the middle finger! So I told my ‘kid’ she was beautiful. And now I’m telling her big deal! And somehow it all makes sense in my head. I think the importance you place on something gives it priority in your life. I find the […]

Body Image: My Journey to a Six Pack

I am not your typical overweight girl, neither am I a stereotype. I am not the girl who was always fat and decided to fight back by getting fit in her adulthood age. I am not the girl who lost all these weight only to try feel accepted into society. I am not the girl […]


YAWA: The Origins I started this platform because I am passionate about the advancement of women’s rights. For many of us we become complicit because we look around and see that we could be much worse. However I want to challenge my fellow women to look ahead and see that we could be much better […]

The Power of the ‘S’ Word

Here is to the women who are more loyal than husbands but never get to share a last name with us. Here is to those who know us better than we know ourselves. They have been with us in our journey to womanhood. They have cried with us, fell in and out of love with […]